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Congratulations to Tamarak2010!

Congratulations to Tamara who finished her 365 on 31st December with this lovely seasonal shot

December 31 2010 - Day 365 - Happy New Year

Tamara's stream is full of wonderful portraits and shots from her daily life. Tamara kindly provided answers to our interview questions and shared some of her favorite shots.

1) What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?
I had heard about the 365 Project a number of years ago - here I thought it must have been late in 2007, but it looks like it was in 2006 with this newsletter that I received from Photojojo ...anyway, I tried and failed at one in 2008 and then decided in 2010 to try again...I had always loved the idea of the project and I also knew that one way to expand your style and to learn more about your medium was to practice and make it a part of your life - and what better way to do that with photography than with a Project 365?

2) How would you describe your photography in just a few words?
I tend to lean towards the artsy side of things - I like blur and distortion...but I also like detail. This doesn't mean that I only take artsy shots...but those are the ones that I tend to like best of my photography.

3) What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?
I was happy to find that I grew artistically during the year. I had hoped to learn more technically, but didn't, really - I was surprised by that...maybe in year 2! I shouldn't be surprised by both the findings - they are typical for me - I learned enough technically to grow artistically, but I had thought that I would learn more on the technical side of things.

4) What did you learn during the course of your project?
I honed my 'art of seeing' skills...I allowed myself to push the boundaries and so, like I said before, grew artistically.

5) Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?
Not really...other than the fact that over the year my kids resigned themselves to the fact that their mother "takes pictures of weird stuff...".

6) What are your future photography plans?
Photography has always been a part of my life...when my kids were young and growing, it became more a documentary kind of thing, now I have my first grandchild, so the documenting will continue...but this project has also taught me, or reminded me, of the importance of always having my camera with me, so I will continue to carry it with me - I have also decided to go for a second year, so, for sure I will have camera in hand! I also paint and the practice of 'seeing' helps in that area as well...I used to only have shows of my paintings, now my photography is included as far I have had either shows of my paintings or ones of my photography - I would like to move towards combining the mediums in my shows.

My favorite shots - that is a hard one!

July 15 2010 - Day 196 - Going Home

I like that one because it is one of my favorite 'Night Blurs' - this is a way of photographing that I started during this past year and I might not have done that if I hadn't been making myself take a photo a day.

June 11 2010 - Day 162 - Tired Daisy

This is another set of photographs I started taking this year...flash photography of flowers at night...

April 1 - Day 91 - Votives

This one may not be one of my best shots, but it is one I is a good example of the main thing that this year has taught me - always have my camera with me!

Congrats again to Tamara! Here are a couple of admin favourites from the year and a slideshow of her complete 365.

December 27 2010 - Day 361 - Jack Frost

April 28 2010 - Day 118 - More Tulips

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