Thursday, 30 July 2009

- suz or sooze's recent favs -

hi all. been a bit busy with summer fun... so my time here has been sporadic. been trying to give the pool a good browse when i can though. here are some of my favs from the last day. loving the b&w these days.. and ooo all those gorgeous colors. hope you all are enjoying your summer too.

179/365 Holding on Tight and Ready to Bloom....Waterfall
Torrent210/365 - m.a.c.r.o.
Spikey flowerswho
210of365 Give upBlack-eyed Susans 138/365

Monday, 27 July 2009

POTW 19th - 25th July 2009

Another great week (sorry for the delay, my internet no longer likes Flickr). Please check out the next theme of short stories.

07.19.09 (return) S is for Spectacular Sunset on Sunday! day 231 07.25.09: special edition.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

From Our Newer Members

It's great that the group is still evolving and growing so it looks like we might have a future next year too. Here are a sampling of photos from some of our more recent members. Please make them feel welcome.

Day Thirty Eight summer colors
Project 365: Day 9 43/365 the eiffel tower


Sunday, 19 July 2009

POTW 12th - 18th July 2009

This week Steve inspired us with live diptychs, Lily_S made cherryade and Mark experienced some poor customer service. Remember to visit their streams if you like their photos.

193of365 You caught my eye 150709 Cherryade Life in the slow lane - Day 195 of Project 365

Monday, 13 July 2009

Congrats to Tiago Ribeiro!

It's been a fantastic year in photos for Tiago Ribeiro and today he finished his 365. It has included some great series including phobias and addictions/bad habits.

He shares his thoughts on his final photo:

"So in the end, Project365 turned from being a self-centered project to being about the People that surround me and make my life as interesting as it is. I ended up photographing over 70 different people including friends, relatives and strangers. Remarkably, I also ended up documenting the most eventful year of my life, where lots of important changes happened!"

Read more here. Featured below is his final photo, one of his favourites and an admin pick, not to forget the slideshow of the entire year!

Day 365/365 - 365 Phobia

Day 351/365 - Photographobia Day 290/365 - 25 Years

Sunday, 12 July 2009

POTW 5th - 11th July 2009

Another great week, dCap froze his camera, j/f/photos played with a racoon and ĦŁκâLϊЛ℮ /\/\öǙşЄ wrapped herself in tape! If you've not stopped by the group lately, we have a new technical challenge as well as lots of stuff going on so remember to check in.

186.365 + DAY.552 + D7H25430 climbing handle with care

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Congrats to Joel!

Joel finished up his 365 earlier this week. A big congratulations go out to him from all of us. And he also has some other big news. A little one on the way. YAY. So some more congrats to Joel & his wife Cynthia. Look forward to seeing some of those baby pics :)

Featured below are his fav from his 365 project, his last photo and one of the admin's pics. Again very hard to choose.

197/365 intersection365/365

For some reason I wasn't able to feature his first photo or the slideshow here (probably due to different settings).. but you can click the link below to see his whole project. Lots of fabulous shots.. and he really mastered the art of b&w ;)

edit by pwb: a bit of jiggery-pokery and we have lift off...

~ pwb's recent faves ~

Just a handful for today...'s Hay! One after the other - 186/365
09 July 2009 | #241 | Twilight Sad “Love is the Fire of Life; it either consumes or purifies”

Friday, 10 July 2009

Congrats to thezanyone!

This morning thezanyone posted her final 365 photo (hopefully not her last photo ever though). Her project has been full of colourful and quirky images. Due to technical issues I can't post her first but there is a slideshow of her project to view and her final shot below.

going into the light

Congrats to Mark Robson!

We have decided to feature a special posting for everyone in the group, once they finish up. Like a little party :) Since a couple folks already finished, we are going to play a little catch up this week.

A big congrats to Mark Robson! He finished his project on June 20th. Yay. Below are we have featured his favorite from his 365, day one, an admin's pic (was hard to pic just one!) & his last day 365. Such a sweet pic of his new pup Angel & his wife Heather. Congrats again. Woo hoo.

Day 310 - Faster Than Bubbles
Day 1 - DrinksDay 327 - Open To Interpretation
Day 365 - Heather and Angel

You can also check out his whole project with the link below.;)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

It's Wednesday...

...So that means it's time for Wednesday Contact Showcase. Why am I mentioned this on our blog? Well, it's a great group that lets you post a mosaic in celebration of one of your favourite contacts. It makes people feel good inside. Honest! So why not pick a fellow group member whose photos inspire you, or even just make you chuckle, and join in? If you've not got time today, the love occurs EVERY Wednesday so think ahead.

My showcase was for kellinasf this week but here are some more of my favourites from the group pool.

115_365 Gone
168:365 Rhubarb 183/365
Enchanted Parsley Forest

Sunday, 5 July 2009

POTW 28th June - 4th July 2009

Each week, the group admin choose three Photos of the Week from the pool. We try and choose a variety of subjects and styles and make sure different people get a turn. We do need YOU to help nominate photos you think are fantastic too as we can easily miss a great shot. Check out the group discussions to find where to nominate.

Blue Rain 115/365 The one I wanted. 07.04.09: american splendor.

POTW Archive

Fire & Water

Dani_Girl chose last week's theme of Water Play which I think we needed to combat all those fireworks from Independence Day celebrations! Remember to visit the group to check out the new weekly theme (now chosen by group members) and to see what else is in the works.

Summer 160:365 At the waterpark
Saturday, July 4, 2009 Day 325 - Fireworks Spiral.
4th of July (154-365) Happy Independence Day (185/365)