Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Congrats to fedora365!!!

Whoot. Congratulations to Fedora. She also finished her project on New Year's Eve day. :) What a great day to finish up. Lots of celebrating going on.

365/365 The End

And what a ride... through her project we got to know a little more about her, the area where she lives and we got to follow along on her vacations to Germany, Austria and Italy.

Featured below are the answers to our questions and some of her favorites from this past year.

What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?
I had seen a couple of 365 projects in flickr, but I started mine because I had purchased a new camera, the Canon Powershot SX200 IS and I really wanted to learn to use it well.

How would you describe your photography in just a few words?
This one is difficult, my favorite photographs are always on vacation, I love to photograph nature, cities and new places.

What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?
How much I learned about photography in general, about post processing and about using my cam! Also how difficult it was to make a photo everyday(even though it sounds simple, you always want to make something better)
And how many cool people and friends you make here in flickr!

What did you learn during the course of your project?
I learned to really use my camera, all the functions, and that makes me very happy. Also, how important it is to always have a camera with me, there are a lot of unique shots to miss if you don´t have one. I learned to look at things differently, and now I try to see the beauty in things. I am in constant search of the sun flare!
I learned about composition, about light in the photos, about angles, post processing, and specially what I like and don’t like in my photos.

Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?
On day 161 we were in a park in London and I saw squirrels nearby. Always wanted to photograph squirrels as they are so cute, of I took lots of photos of one that was close by. Never gave it another thought until I was searching for the photo of the day. I chose one where there was a cute squirrel, and when I showed it to my husband he noticed that that squirrel was a little it too happy with his peanut ; ) Ended up being `censored` ; )

What are your future photography plans?
Even though I really enjoyed this 365 project, it has been exhausting and tiring at times when I had no inspiration at all. That is why I am not going to make another one. But at the same time, I love taking photos and I don’t want to loose the practice. That is why I am thinking of doing a 52 weeks project next year. Still not sure if I am going to make one of self portraits, or one of life in general, or maybe both ; )

Some of her favorites from this past year.
102/365 Pink Skies
This photo was a front page explore and special to me because being under those trees felt magical…
102/365 Pink skies **Explored Front Page!!

199/365 Blue eyed boy
Love this photo of my husband, specially because his pupil looks like a little heart
199/365 Blue eyed boy

268/365 The view from Taormina
Couldn´t help but fall in love with this city in Sicily
268/365 The view from Taormina

295/365 Autum light...
The eternal search for the sun flare.
295/365 Autum light...

333/365 Snow in November
Never expected something this beautiful when snow surprised us in November!
333/365 Snow in November **Explore!

Here a few admin pics! Was hard to choose just a couple.

332/365 Frozen  **Explore!!349/365 Biking in the snow...
233/365 Königssee   **Explored!314/365 Broken record  **Explore!

To see more, check out the slideshow here.

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