Sunday, 31 January 2010

POTW 24th - 30th January 2010

For a lot of you, it's one month into your project. Please drop by the group to leave your thoughts so far. You can view most of January's photos of the week in this gallery. If your photo is missing it's because you've opted out of galleries on Flickr.

01.25.10 Time Travel Day 28 - Flintshire Bridge 027/365 ... Purity

Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Little Flare

Some consider flare a flaw, but if used right it can be a beautiful thing. One of my favorite things, actually! Here are a few photos that use flare in an awesome way.

113/365 Flare365:1826/365: Sunset22/365

Monday, 25 January 2010

POTW 17th - 23rd January 2010

Another tough choice this week but below are the Photos of the Week for the 17th - 23rd. Be sure to stop by the 365 Community discussions to nominate your favorites for next week.

Foggy foals. 8/365 - Stray cat 22/365: BREAK THROUGH

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Spice Up Your 365!

This week's theme in the 365 Community is Spices & Herbs and I wanted to feature some of the awesome photos I have seen. The themes in the community are a great thing when you are short on photo ideas!

Day 22 - I'm Thinking.....Curry..... Day 259/365 - Caraway Heart
Just a Pinch... (151/365) 021 Old Leaves cardamom pods

Friday, 22 January 2010

Congratulations to Dani_Girl!

Congratulations to Dani! She completed her 365 Project this week, and it has been a pleasure to follow her project during this past year. Dani's stream is a fantastic place to visit and explore, filled with vibrant color and beautiful details. I've also visited her blog several times throughout the year, she's a wonderful writer and her blog posts about her experience with her 365 are very entertaining and insightful. She wrote a post about the end of her project, it was great to read and see some of her favorite photos again.

When I think about Dani's stream I admire the variety and the impressive photography skills she has gained. She has taken beautiful portraits of strangers, both candid and posed. She has rigged stunning long exposure motion shots with toys and taken lovely flower macros. Her children were subjects in many of her memorable photos, and she has a knack of capturing natural, sweet (and sometimes funny) childhood moments. She used photoshop and TtV to create impressive shots. Dani also became interested in taking photos of hands and feet during her project, and included many lovely shots of them in her project. These are two of my favorites:

132:365 Baby toes 256:365 Lucas's purple flower

Congratulations to Dani again on the completion of her wonderful project! Below are four of her favorite photos from her project, her final shot and a slideshow of her entire project.

270:365 The Creation of Adam
274:365 Star incubators 5:365 Lucas and me in the colander 265:365 100 days to go!
365:365 Fini!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Congrats to embem30!

Yay.. Congrats to Emily! She finished up her 365 on January 5th, but since she had been traveling over the holiday break.. she just uploaded her final pic this past week.

Living in San Francisco, Emily is another member of the community I had the pleasure of meeting this year. So fun to meet other flickr/ photo addicts :) And for me a visit to her stream was always a treat.... and I have to say.. always made me very hungry! Oh my.. from gourmet dishes prepared by her husband Steve, to visits to all sorts of fabulous restaurants, not to mention all those tasty looking treats. Here are just a few...
139/365 fiddlesticks145/365 appetizers for dinner203/365 gratuitous desserts

And still not sure how she managed it, but all her shots look so light & airy! Even when they were shot indoors under low lighting conditions. A trick with the processing she hinted, while we were out on a photo walk :)

She also had no problem snapping photos inside of stores.. so we got a peak at some of the seasonal displays in town. She had a good eye for spotting cute pups & cool street scenes when out and about. These two are some of my favs :)
241/365 guard dog171/365 waiting dog

During her project we also got a sneak peak into what she does for a living. Some great shots from the performances she helped coordinate. And we traveled with her to the wine country for her wedding anniversary and the East Coast for some holiday fun with friends and family. We meet her neighbors and their pets too.

And will she continue with another 365.. no.. but she will find some other projects soon.

Below we have featured her final shot, a couple of her favs and a slideshow of her entire project. Have a look, but be sure not to go on an empty stomach! Congrats again Emily.

365/365 the end305/365 with sprinkles on top
137/365 summer carbonara
153/365 tied up with string

Monday, 18 January 2010

Congratulations to Mykl Roventine!

Congratulations to Mykl! He completed his 365 Project on December 31. Mykl's a good friend of mine, we met in college a couple of decades ago. I've always admired his creativity and it has been a pleasure to see it in play during his 365 project. His project is very him, full of humor and interesting things to say, and I've enjoyed following it this past year.

Mykl's photos have a great deal of color and vibrancy. He frequently uses unexpected, off kilter angles that give his photography an added sense of fun and interest. He excels at macros, creating beautiful shots out of all sorts of subjects, no matter how lovely or lowly: flower bits, cracks in the sidewalk and discarded tires all become creatively composed shots. His stream is also chronicles and celebrates signs, textures and big things. His set is an exuberant, beautiful place to explore and certainly worth a visit.

Here are three of Mykl's favorite photos from his project, and, in his own words, why they are meaningful to him:

60/365 Frank
60/365 Frank One of those moments I wouldn't have captured before I started the project. Knowing I still hadn't gotten a good shot for the day, I started wandering the gallery and happened to turn around as my family was examining Chuck Close's painting "Frank" (at the Minneapolis Institute of Art).

69/365 Plastisaurus Rex
69/365 Plastisaurus Rex One of the many shots I staged for the project. Drawing on the 365 Community's weekly themes and Monthly Scavenger Hunt group for inspiration helped me though innumerable blocks during the project.

360/365 Snowflakes
360/365 Snowflakes As the project progressed I started to become more hyper-aware of my surroundings. This is a perfect example of something I would have walked right by pre-project. Taken just as the snow was falling, it was one of those times I just knew the shot would be special. I developed something of a sixth sense for knowing when I had each day's shot by the end of the project.

Congratulations again to Mykl! Below are his final photo, four admin favorites and the slideshow of his entire project.

365/365 One more for the road 192/365 Lucy and the Whale
51/365 Better than good 39/365 Tired 46/365 I'd hit that

POTW 10th - 16th January 2010

It never gets any easier to choose the Photos of the Week because there are always so many beautiful photos in the pool! But below are the photos that were chosen. And be sure to nominate your favorites for next week!

Day 12DAY 49: I'll Make it to Work TodayWindswept (350/365) (explored)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Congratulations to #mari!

Congratulations to Mari, another 365 Community member who finished her project December 31! Mari's project set is wonderful, full of lovely portraits and wonderful self portraits. She uses film beautifully. So many of her photos seem like moments in a story, filled with energy and mystery and has a great way of making mundane things seem interesting. I enjoyed exploring her project set very much, here is a link to the slideshow of her project.

Mari gained a great deal from her project and describes her experience beautifully:

if wasn't for the group i would have stopped counting my days a long time ago. i did not make 365 photos to flickr, but i thought of photography everyday, certainly. and i love the project for that. and for making me feel beautiful in front of the camera sometimes. and for making me pay attention to the simple things, the details, the textures. for making me realize that photography, to me, is attachment. and that being able to see the light and how it behaves in the most different conditions is what keeps me going with life.

Congratulations again to Mari! Below are three of her favorite photos from the project, her final photo and two admin favorites.

after coma 225/365
231/365365/365 happiness is only real when it's shared
33/365 229/365

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Splish Splosh Splash

Whilst Heather has been spotting teacups, I've been seeing a lot of splash photos in the pool. Here's just a sampling, but you can see plenty more liquid fun in the group pool.

Milk Day 15 - Target Practice 013/365 ... Child's play
365-14 013 - Splashed, not Stirred