Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Congrats to dcis_steve!!!

A big round of applause to Steve Skinner! Yay. He was also one of our members who finished on Dec 31st.

Day 365 - The End

Browsing through his project you will find fabulous landscape shots, architectural shots, street photography, visit beaches with surfers, seals & birds, enjoy wonderful macro shots of tasty treats and see snip its of their cruise down to Mexico. Oh, and I almost forgot, you will meet his black lab... Bailey!

Below we have featured his answers to our questions, along with some of his favorites from through out the year.

What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?
In 2009 I had watched several photographers go through their 365 projects and was so inspired by their experience that I knew I had to give it a shot. Plus, I really wanted to immerse myself in it and get better, and I couldn't think of a better way.

How would you describe your photography in just a few words?
Colorful, sometimes unique, with an emphasis on the beauty of the natural world.

What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?
What surprised me the most was how many days there were when I absolutely had no idea on what to shoot.

Day 93 - San Elijo Pathway

What did you learn during the course of your project?
My favorite question - because I learned so much.
- Mastery of my equipment
- That prior to my 365 Project, I was not nearly as observant as I thought I was
- Amazing shots often happen when least expected, or in what might seem like the least likely of circumstances
- Having "tunnel vision" on a photo concept is a terrible thing. Some of the best work results from a specific idea that evolves into something different while you're working with it.

Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?

Lots of interesting things happened during my photo project - some funny, some not, but the one that stands out in my mind the most was what happened to me personally on day 5 when I photographed the homeless man at Carlsbad State Beach. It was a deeply felt life lesson for me. The write up on the post from that day says it best.

What are your future photography plans?

I am an enthusiastic hobbyist photographer, and am not interested in turning it into a job. Very soon, I will begin a new photography blog that leverages on the things I learned and enjoyed during the 365 project, but without a scheduled requirement. I like to think it will be a sort of photojournalistic blog of experiences, excursions and beautiful photos.

And a few admin favs. As always.. very hard to narrow it down to just a few!

Day 9 - Oceanside PelicanDay 160 - Dad's Vintage Imperial Satellite 127 Box CameraBack in Black
Day 255 - Comfy Friends and Their CorgisDay 195 - Let It Bee

To see more.. take a peak at his entire project in the slideshow below. And congrats again to Steve!

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