Monday, 24 January 2011

Congratulations to Olga!

Congratulations to Olga who completed her 365 on 31st December with this photo


Olga's stream is full of wonderful variety & creativity. During her 365 amongst the many wonderful photos she has taken there are some very striking self portraits and many fabulous captures of her Weimaraner Trooper.

Olga kindly agreed to answer our finisher interview questions and share some of her favourite shots.

1.) What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?

At some point I realized that time started running faster and faster and I can barely remember what happened 1-2 months ago. It was sad. Then I saw a blog of a person who did 365, and then one of my older flickr contacts decided to do it this year, well, last year. He never finished it but I did! Now I have this visual history of a whole year, plus I learned new tricks and know better how to use my camera.

2.) How would you describe your photography in just a few words?

I love natural lighting and candid portraits. Hope to get more courage to shoot strangers:)

3.) What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?

It's really important to have the support of others going through the same process, and evidently I love this feeling of belonging to a small community, really got attached to my flickr friends:)

4.) What did you learn during the course of your project?

Having to shoot daily really forced me to look at the world around me from different perspectives. I'm more observant of the surrounding area and I think harder about the composition of the photo. Besides, I think I finally learned to use lighting conditions to my advantage.

5.) Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?

At some point I realized that I was chasing a decent size alligator to make him my picture of the day. Crazy.

6.) What are your future photography plans?

52 weeks project is coming! I hope I can focus on quality shots rather than having something for the sake of posting it on time. It's hard to take 365 magnificent photos but I can definitely try to do 52!

Here are a few of her favorite photos from the year:





Congrats again to Olga! Here are three of the admin favourites from the year and a slideshow of her complete 365.




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