Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Congratulations ept_0202!I

Congratulations to Paige who finished her Project 365 in December with this photo:

Pipe Organ (365)

Paige's project serves as a lovely glimpse into her world. She describes her project this wayI started a 365 project to see if I could do it (I abandoned an early attempt). I wanted to track my life everyday for one full year. I found the project to sometimes be easy and other times to be tedious - kinda like life. I did the entire project on my point and shoot camera.
I want to keep taking pictures and improve my photography skills. I hope to soon acquire a DLSR and continue to take photos.

Congratulations again to Paige! Here are some of her favorites from her year of photos:

Chattanooga, TN (57)

Peep (98)

Jack Skellington (243)

St. Louis, MO (238)

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