Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Congratulations to Sevenman!

Congratulations to Chris who completed his 365 on 31st December with this photo

Day 365: Form follows function

Chris kindly agreed to answer our finisher interview questions and choose some of his favourites from his project.

1) What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?
I was inspired to start my first 365 project because I'd watched and listened to friends do it, I'd always sort of liked the idea of photography, and doing a 365 Project myself seemed like a good way to do photography. So I bought a point & shoot and started my first 365.

2) How would you describe your photography in just a few words?
One friend has said that I shoot creepy lonely urban stuff in a documentary, photojournalist style. Another friend has noted that I take a lot of pictures that should have people in them but don't. I can't deny either description.

3) What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?
The most surprising thing has been discovering the hard way just how much our eyes and our minds lie to us about what we're seeing and carefully not seeing.

4) What did you learn during the course of your project?
I've learned to look and to see. I've learned that sometimes, taking a camera along doesn't improve the experience. I've learned that if something catches my eye, I should take a picture even if I don't understand what I'm attracted by and I think the picture is bad; even if it is, I can learn from it. I've learned to not blindly trust my camera and that I'm happier if I trust my gut. I've learned that I can't shoot to a theme or a plan and that trying to do so just annoys me.

(I regret the inability to shoot to a theme; I would really like to do a better job of participating in the 365 Community themes, but I am terrible at it.)

Finally, I've learned that I can't predict which of my pictures will resonate with people and which ones won't. Sometimes I can't even predict which one of my pictures I'll like best after a week. It's humbling.

5) Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?
Day 306: Winging away (in Port Credit)

My day 306 picture. One of the things that gets me into semi-trouble when I am off biking on my own is that I am kind of bad at deciding when to turn around to ride back; I keep thinking that I can go on for a bit more, and then a bit more, and this point feels like an arbitrary stopping point so I could go on a bit more, and before I know it I am all the way off in Port Credit at sunset, knowing that I am going to be riding back in the dark most of the way and get home rather late.

I don't regret it in the least on this day, though. Through a combination of circumstances this was the last good weekday bike ride I got in this year, and I knew it would be before I set out; I was leaving work early, the rest of the week was going to have bad weather, and then daylight savings time would turn into standard time and I would lose an hour of evening light.

(That I knew this was basically my last such photo of the year is one reason I gave it the title that I did.)

6) What are your future photography plans?
I'm going to do another year of the 365 project. I won't try to make any resolutions for it, because I've learned better; I'll just take pictures however I feel like it, and hope it works out.

This is four of Chris' favourites from his 365 with his reasons why

A nice example of what I think of my 'typical photograph'
Day 126: A passing wall

One of my better people photographs and a bike ride picture; I do a lot of bike riding
Day 169: Regrouping

A picture I am inordinately fond of because I made it work
Day 193: In the evening fog

I am contractually obligated to include a bicycle picture (and the group ride picture doesn't count)
Day 302: A bicycle (part 2)

Congrats again to Chris! Here are a couple of admin favourites from the year and a slideshow of his complete 365.

Day 361: Still hanging on

Day 5: Snowing

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