Sunday, 28 February 2010

POTW 21st - 27th February 2010

If you like these photos, don't forget to drop by the photographers' streams to leave a comment.

these hands Thawing Out - 51/365 ImPoSSibLe To PeRmEaTe iN rEd


I am drawn to photos that feature hands, and here some recent ones that I love from the 365 Community pool:

I wish I was a little tomato in your pocket... #56 Purplicious
51/365 Day 193 - Blanc
104 - Happy Birthday, June Bug!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

POTW 15th - 20th February 2010

So you new year starters have passed day 50 this week. Don't forget to drop by the group and share your photos in the milestone thread.

94/365 Day 287/365 - Droplets & lights Project 265 : Day 045 : 14th Feb 2010

Friday, 19 February 2010


It made me smile today when I saw that I'd inspired Zorbette1969 to try something new. That's part of what makes this group great. If there's a technique or idea that you admire within the group, why not make your own tribute and tell us about it? Feel free to post it in the discussion threads and tell us why. In the meantime here's Stavros and Fred...

49/365 Low Key Thursday 049:365 The Dark Side Of Fred

P.S. Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, we're working on it!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Orange you glad?

Orange is a color that makes me happy. Here's some great recent photos from the 365 Community that make me happy too. Yay for orange!

253/365    a q u a r i u m Trolley Stash
46/365 -- orange you glad i didnt say banana? 039_365
The Trinity

Sunday, 14 February 2010

POTW 7th - 13th February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day folks. Even if you've been busy being bitter and producing dark photos, it's still something to be happy about! Thought just to make up for all the soppiness going on, none of our photos of the week are love themed:

365/44: Spin (039/365) Perfect balance! 044*/365 ... The unbearable lightness of being

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Congratulations Obsessive Compulsive Photographer!

Congratulations to Brian! He recently finished his 365 project. Brian's photostream is filled with stunning, polished images with a great deal of color and detail. He explored many different subjects during his year of photos, and one that stands out is his taken many creative portraits of children. It was hard to narrow these wonderful photos to just a few, but here's a sampling:

Toilet Training (55-365) (Explored)
Band-Aid drive (217/365) Featured (175-365)

There's also great macros, wonderful black and whites, photos of objects and nature shots in Brian's stream. His descriptions are enjoyable to read and add even more interest to his project.

Dead calm (148-365) Marina City, Chicago IL (214/365)

Brian picked three of his favorites from his project, choosing a photo of his girls, nature, and his final 365th photo, a portrait of his wife. Also below is a slideshow of his entire project. His project has so many inspiring photos and it was a pleasure to explore. Congratulations to Brian again!

Sisterly Love (312/365) (explored) Autumn Color (264/365)
Waiting for the End (365/365)

Friday, 12 February 2010

Congratulations to αlĸαlιne мoυѕe!!!

A large round of applause for Carly! She also finished a wee bit ago on the same day as Clickmorephoto. Boo me for being so late with this post..! but Yay for Carly! Woo hoo!

And what a ride... Like many of us, she started this project wanting to learn a bit more about her camera and photoshop...never realizing how much more it would become. And she certainly became quite the master of photoshop! And who doesn't remember her post box series.... and the times she explored run down spots for a photo shoot.... and when she dashed out in the snow in a bikini! Brrr! And through out her project she shared with us her sense of humor and a sneak peak into a world of fantasy. And did I mention she got a double page spread in a local paper!!!

We have featured a few of her favorites from her project.. and in her own words she describes why...


"I was really pleased with this one because it was a great addition to my Postbox Portrait set and came out better than I'd hoped with the motion and the mail van in the


"i love this image because it was partly luck with my sister's hair blowing dramatically across her face, but also pleased with how the edit came out, and my sis's boyfreind loved it so much he printed it huge to hang in their house"

If there is a God

"probably my favourite of my Dirty Little Secrets urban decay set"

And here are a few admin picks and a link to her entire project. Congrats again Carly. Super awesome!

Lovesickhandle with care
Ask Me Anything

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

POTW 31st January - 6th February 2010

Sorry the photos of the week were a little late this week. I'd say with the picks below, they were well worth the wait. Don't forget to nominate your favorites this week!

Facciamo pace? What about making up?37/365Tines

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Congratulations to click1morephoto!

Congratulations to Linda! She completed her 365 Project this week. I've enjoyed following her project very much. Her project set is filled with interesting architectural details, great perspectives and fabulous colors. Her macro shots are wonderful and I enjoy seeing her creative interpertations for the Macro Monday group's weekly themes. She has a knack for creating photos of everyday items and her stream has a great deal of variety. Her photostream is filled with lovely images and well worth a visit. Here she describes the experience of her project in her own words:

There are several people in our area who do photo walks together. One of these people mentioned she was starting a 365 project. I thought what a great way to learn more about photography. She completed her 365 in August - shutterbugCel. Be sure to check out her stream. When I started this project I made a point of always having my camera with me. There has only been a time or two that I forgot the camera and I missed a great shot.

Congratulations to Linda again! Although she completed this project she made the impressive decision to begin another 365 Project for 2010. We wish her best of luck and will enjoy continuing to see a daily photo in her stream! Below are some of her favorite photos from her completed project (many are the ones I found especially memorable,) and her 365th photo Here is a link to a slideshow of her work.

120/365  Field of Dreams or Travelocity Gnome on Vacation... 135/365 Simply a Cherry.... 148/365  Rainy Days and Macro Mondays....
192/365  Bursting with Color.... 282/365  Hop . Hop. Hop...Scotch... 294/365  Coyote in the Neighborhood....
303/365 Peaceful Evening.... 365/365...I have reached the 365 Finish Line....