Monday, 3 January 2011

Congratulations to Ken Shelton!

Congratulations to Ken, who completed his Project 365 this week! His final project is this one:

December 31, 2010

In his description he wrote, "For the final photo of my Project 365 I wanted to capture an image of the final sunset of 2010. The photo is both symbolic as well as an appropriate theme for the end of the year and my 2010 Project." Ken's photography contains beautiful sweeping scenes and lovely nature macros. His fisheye photos are fascinating and fun. Below is Ken's finisher interview with some admin favorites mixed in, and then some of his favorites from his project.

What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?
Many of my friends and colleagues that are also educators, like myself, decided two years ago that we should all try a Project 365 together, to get better with our cameras and to learn how to make good/great photos.

December 18, 2010

How would you describe your photography in just a few words?
Artistic, avant garde, and purposefully creative

December 21, 2010

What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?
How it felt more like a task at time than the fun it was suppose to be.

January 22, 2010

What did you learn during the course of your project?
I learned how to use so many of the functions on my dSLR that I now use manual or aperture priority mode about 80% of the time

Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?
By doing a 365 project, now two years in a row, I have built a library of over 15,000 images. I use these images for the many presentations I give at Educational Technology conference across the country. This has helped me avoid any copyright or creative commons challenges and it has inspired many more educators to do the same. I get messages all the time from others telling me how proud they were that they built a presentation or professional development lecture with only their own images.

April 30, 2010

What are your future photography plans?
I want to launch a website to serve more as a gallery than anything else. While it would be nice to be financially compensated for some of my images, I like to just create and share those creations with others.

Here are Ken's three favorites with a brief explanation:

July 4, 2010

One of my favorites because it was the first time I actually used manual mode entirely and was able to effectively capture fireworks

August 28, 2010

One of my favorites because this was the first time I really got to use a Fish Eye lens, which was while I was on vacation to one of my favorite places, Hawaii

March 18, 2010

One of my favorites because of all the times I have been to Chicago or flying through Chicago I have never had a view of downtown like this. Also this image was made with my iPhone.

Here's a slideshow of many of Ken's 365 photos from both of his projects, enjoy!


  1. Congrats, Ken. What a great idea to be able to use your own images in presentations, too!
    Peace, Judi

  2. Thanks Judi and thank you very much Michelle. I will share this link with my friends as well. Kudos to you for having such a great group on flickr and here's to another great year of images!!