Wednesday, 30 September 2009

-h3ather's Autumn Favorites-

It is definitely starting to feel like Autumn in my part of the world, which has prompted me to share a few photos that remind me of my favorite season.

09.28.09 {326/365}
272/365 - cider with cinnamon

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

~ pwb's recent faves ~

OK so summer's over and the group is getting a bit of an overhaul! If you love any of the photos featured on the blog, remember to leave a comment or fave on the photo to express your praise. It helps people keep going with their projects and will give you good Flickr karma! Same goes for photos in the pool, we've all got a bit lazy recently (well except Suz and pennacook!) so make sure when you post your photos you stop by to check out what's going on and give some support.

whispering into life 334: board books
#261/365 - JUMP! USA - 316/365
30/365 269/365 266/365.2 Autumn Starts here

Sunday, 27 September 2009

POTW 20th - 26th September 2009

Brian gave us a beautiful lens babified black and white, Laney befriended a donkey (or at least told him a really good joke) and Suz found some fog in San Francisco...strange that! I hope to be getting back to normal Flickr habits shortly but we've got some extra help on the way. Please make our new mods feel welcome!

Lens Baby Morning (262/365) 341. Eeee-aawwwww!!! drippy droppy fog...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

- some of suz or sooze's favs -

just a couple favs for this evening. if i was more awake.. i would post them with some sort of theme.. but i am too tired for that ;) perhaps tomorrow. enjoy til then.

soft foldsIf there is any secret to this life I live, this is it: the sound of what cannot be seen sings within everything that can. & there is nothing more to it than that.
235/365  Corn....266_365
Ghosts on the Underground329: through the sunroof

Monday, 21 September 2009

POTW 13th-20th September 2009

a lovely day at the prison city of love.. 301/365: Stopping points

lots of fabulous stuff in the pool last week! if you see work that just blows you away... don't forget to nominate it for POTW in the discussion area of the group pool.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

congrats to Meshl! yay!

A big huge congrats to Michelle! She finished her project yesterday. Woo hoo! Came across Michelle's stream pretty early in her project as we started around the same time. Was fabulous to move along through this journey together and watch each other progress. And to have someone to complain too, when things seem like they were never going to end!

Michelle was able to capture the beauty in the every day. Things I never would have thought to photograph showed up in her stream. Gorgeous colors, abstracts and details filled up her project, together with wonderful candid portraits and fantastic submissions for the monthly scavenger hunt.

Below we have featured her final shot, three of her favs and my personal all time favorite. Congrats again! Yay!

236/365250/365 Not Kansas266/365 Surviving Bulb at the Redemption
256/365 Technicolor

and you can check out her whole 365 project here on the slideshow.

King of the hill - Day 14/365

This really caught my eyes as something that has a real strong shape to it... Sillhouettes can be really powerful if done correctly, and I reckon this is pretty much on the money!!! :) Well done!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Congrats to Concrete Cowboy

Congratulations to Concrete Cowboy! Yay! Paul finished up his 365 project earlier this week. He also just started a new job. More congrats! And he is one of the crazy ones... he will be taking a short little break but then he will be picking up the camera again for another year.

Below we have featured his final photo.. in which his daughter assisted him by pressing the shutter button :) We have also included his three fav picks.... some of which were my all time favs ... so it fits for the admin fav too ;)

onwards and upwards
flight of the bumblebeebathtime kisses
I never learned to count my blessings, I choose instead to dwell In my disasters

for a peak at his entire project.. check out the slideshow... a mix of selfies, family portraits, music inspired shots & more...

Friday, 11 September 2009

thanks everyone!

hi all!
since we have been doing blog posts for those that have finished up their 365... i thought i would do a short little post for me too. not to congratulate myself or anything .. but to say thank you to all of you who make the 365 community group so wonderful. it has truly made my 365 experience enjoyable (or bearable at times). there were many days towards the end there that i really didn't feel like picking up the camera. especially with summer and all the fun stuff that brings. but now that i am finished, i have to say i am quite pleased i stuck with it. it felt amazingly good to post that last photo and to think... wow... i did it.
through the year i learned about so many new things (bokeh, refractions, high key, low key, hdr, textures & more) .. and while i did not master any particular technique or develop a particular style... i certainly now know what is possible with the camera.
and along with becoming a complete flickr addict.. i am also the proud owner of many new toys.. :) imagine that! the polaroid, holga, crystal ball, lens baby and twin lens camera are some of them. so fun to play.
anyway.. i will still be around to help out with the group. might have more time now to do some more blog posts as summer has come to an end and i will be playing in msh hopefully through the rest of the year. (but wow.. the list is hard this month).
anyway.. thanks again to all of you.. and especially to PWB for starting this very cool group.

instead of posting my last photo & some favs... i have decided to post some photos that represent things i never would have tried if it weren't for hanging out on flickr and doing this project ;) if i did have to pick a fav.. it would most likely be one of my kiddo!
cheers to your friday.. and see ya in flickrland.
(one of the handy dandy admins)

253. sunset at lands end
278. binocs... TtV style 236. little daisy 217. chapo

1. refractions through the crystal ball (had lots of fun with that crystal ball) 2.TTV (through the viewfinder) 3. white on white or in the ghetto light box shots 4. playing with film cameras.. like polaroid or holga .....
& of course..last but not least... 5. flowers or grasses with any sort of bokeh....

and i am sure you are all busy.. but if you want to browse the whole set.. here it is.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Drool Worthy!

Browsing the pool always seems to make me hungry, I wonder why...

Ya Know Ya Waaant One! Day 26 - Apricot Tart
314: a healthy start 16 of 365 Heaven on a Plate
Grilled Eggplant 231:365 September grapes Delissssh Red