Monday, 18 January 2010

POTW 10th - 16th January 2010

It never gets any easier to choose the Photos of the Week because there are always so many beautiful photos in the pool! But below are the photos that were chosen. And be sure to nominate your favorites for next week!

Day 12DAY 49: I'll Make it to Work TodayWindswept (350/365) (explored)


  1. Cool! Such an honor :) Thanks!

  2. My pelican shot made it in, that's awesome. Thanks!! I'm glad I found the group, there are some great photos in it and it'll be a fun one to look at for fresh stuff every day.

  3. Delighted to get a POTW this week, ironically i wasn't sure about this shot before i posted it up. Thanks to all in this great group for the support :-)