Sunday, 10 January 2010

Congratulations to Andrew Burrows!

Andrew was another December 31st finisher in the 365 Community, so of course he deserves a big congratulations! Andrew's photostream is an awesome mix of outdoor and indoor shots. And don't miss the shots that include the newest addition to his family, a baby girl.

Andrew started his 365 Project with his younger brother and they blogged their photos at 2x365. The project has not only helped Andrew's photography, but has also helped him keep in touch with his younger brother in Ireland.

Throughout the project, he's learned a lot, but below is the biggest thing he learned, in his own words.

The biggest change I've made to the way I take photos is that I'm increasingly imagining the shot I want before I take it, maybe days or weeks before for photos that need lots of planning or more likely just moments before but either way I try to see it first in my head and then realise it with the camera.

It was hard for him to choose favorites, but below are three of them. Also included is his final shot, two admin picks, and a slideshow of his entire project.

365/365 - The End158/365 - Splosh!261/365 - There's a bullet in this gun so you've got till  the count of one before they shoot08/365 - Pea Souper
281/365 - Dock crane121/365 - Cloister

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