Sunday, 10 January 2010

Congratulations to mother holda!

Congratulations to mother holda! She completed her 365 project last week! Her 2009 set is filled with a lovely visual diary of her family and things in her life. She has captured a lot of color and detail during her year and her project contains many wonderful portraits and creative still life photos. She has been participating in the Monthly Scavenger Hunt for several months and contributes many clever and beautiful entries to the group. Below she describes the experience of her 365 project:

At the beginning of the project, I was attempting to learn how to use my Canon Powershot (point & shot) as artistically as possible. About four months into the project, I bit the bullet and bought myself my first DSLR camera; and then four months after that, a prime lens. I've learned about things like "bokeh", DOF, and aperture. I'm pleased with how much I've really stretched myself this year and the product of my self-study. I also have learned A LOT by being part of a very knowledgeable and creative Flickr community.

Congratulations again to mother holda and best of luck as she has begun a new 365 Project! It will be fun to see her continue another year. Below are three of her favorite photos from her year, her final photo, three admin faves and a slideshow of her entire project.
236/365: Aug 25, Light Reading 314/365: Nov 7, Harvest
141/365: May 21, Where's Waldo? Dec 31, The End
121/365: May 1, Gold Street Alley 347/365: Dec 10, You're the One 113/365: Apr 23, Drive

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