Friday, 1 January 2010

Congratulations Bamagirl7!

Congratulations to Clara! She completed her 365 project on December 31. Her project includes many beautiful portraits of children, grownups and dogs. Her inanimate subjects also create charming photos, she has a wonderful eye and found many great things to photograph this year: old trucks and Coca-Cola signs, flower macros and details of old buildings. It is a delightful set to explore.

Here are a few of Clara's favorite photos from her project and, in her own words, why she chose each one:

This is one of my favorite shots because it is so different from any image that I have ever done, and it was a shot that I really worked for:
320:365 Crossroads

I like this shot because it was one of those moments that everything came together to make a great picture.:
252:365 Fair or Amusement Park

I like this shot because I just ran outside before church one morning and snapped a picture, and it turned out to be a picture that everyone liked:
339:365 Baby It's Cold Outside

Congratulations again to Clara! Here's the final photo of her project, three admin favorites and a slideshow of her project. We wish Clara the best of luck on her next internet project, a weekly blog.

365:365 Big Event
171:365 Pseudo-HDR 77:365 Out West 295:365 Vine

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