Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Congratulations to Jonosay!

Congratulations to Jim, another member of the 365 Community who completed his project on December 31! Jim and I have not met but we don't too live far away from each other, a fact that often astounds me when I see his photos: so many of them have an otherworldly quality that is simultaneously stunning and exotic. It certainly doesn't seem possible that the moody, fantastical worlds he has created could exist a mere hour's drive away from my house.

Jim has a marvelous way of photographing objects and turning them into gorgeous abstract macros. He takes incredible nature shots, revealing beautiful details that are barely recognizable as plant bits, and epically proportioned insects that inhabit fascinating microcosms. His Project 365 Collection is inspiring and well worth a visit, as is the rest of his stream.

Jim has the distinction of being the 365 Community member who has submitted the most photos in the pool, an accomplishment which is not surprising since he has already completed two overlapping projects since he joined. He is continuing with a third project during 2010 and I look forward to watching another year's worth of his artistic photography. Below are three of his favorite photos from his project, his final photo, and three admin faves.

312/365 153/365
108/365 365/365
178/365 182/365 136/365

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