Monday, 11 January 2010

Congrats to aSILVA!

Congratulations to Anna! Woo hoo. Have to add that Anna is the one of the San Francisco local photographers that I actually have met from the group. What fun we had on our flickr meet up... thanks for coordinating Anna! Was a treat to meet everyone.

Here is her final photo and some thoughts in her own words about her project.

12.31.09 THREE SIX FIVE!

"Day 365: What’d you expect? Another bottle of wine? Champagne? Fireworks? A finished Rubik’s cube? Nope, you get me "exposed" and standing in front of my trash bin garage while passer bys stare at the yahoo with the camera on a tripod (plus I just wanted to show off my new favorite T from

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I placed my Rubik’s cube on my coffee table and fired away or was that really 365 days ago? Despite my moaning and groaning about wanting this project to end, my regrets total ZERO. I’ve done something everyday that I actually wanted to do: capture an image and share it with you. Project 365 has taught me that I really do love photography, eating and drinking (52 food/drink related photos this year, go figure). In the latter part of 365 I’ve slowly fallen in love with black & white photography and developed a small crush on f/1.4."

Having another look through Anna's project this evening, I was reminded how she really has a great eye for bold & vibrant colors.
05.31.09  Pinkalicious09.02.09  Yellow & Blue Make Green

As she mentioned, she grew to really enjoy b&w photography. Here is just a small sampling...
12.26.09 The Big Day06.23.09  Yummy LDL06.28.09  Not Equal

And I don't think this blog post would be complete without mentioning her gorgeous shots of wine and other tasty drinks.

So what’s next? She will definitely keep shooting, but won’t commit to another 365 just yet. She is planning a 52 week project with one light so she can finally learn off camera flash. So again congrats to Anna!

Below we have featured her three of her favs and a slideshow to her entire project.

03.01.09 Rainy Day 2
11.05.09  Shopping for Bokeh05.11.09  In No Particular Order

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