Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Congrats to ry-o-vision!!!

Woo hoo.. Congrats to Ryan. He finished up his project just other day on January 5th! Yay. Our first official 2010 finisher :)!

He decided to end his project exactly just the way he started...
all good things...

And since he wrote some wonderful thoughts on his final photo, I thought I would share a bit of it here, (for the whole thing you can check out his final photo!)...
"when i first started this project with the very vague goal of taking one "good" photo a day for a year, i really had no idea what to expect - out of myself, or flickr for that matter (more on that last part in a bit). my main objective was to just use my camera every day really, and at first my thought was that i would simply document an event from my day...a little slice of my daily life. i quickly learned that it was going to become more of a creative outlet, which was just fine with me.

along the way i learned that no matter how horrible i thought one of my photos was, tomorrow was another day. i also learned that no matter how much i liked one of my photos...tomorrow was another day as well, hah. i learned that given free reign to create my own shots, i really like to tell as much of a story with one frame as i possibly can. by including myself in a lot of my shots, i inadvertently learned to frame, set up, and expose all my shots better before i shoot because it's a pain in the ass running back and forth all the time, hah.

to anyone thinking of starting a 365 project i say go for it. here's the secret...the whole thing is only as difficult as the pressure you put on yourself. i mean the views, the comments, and hey even the quality of shots only matter as much as you want to make them matter. there's nothing wrong with a snapshot of the day. snapshots fill up photo albums. snapshots hang on walls. so why not fill up yours with pictures from your next year. all you really need is a camera and the spirit to interact w/ others."

Now to describe Ryan's stream? Wow.. Many things to come to mind...these are just some of them... rundown buildings, found garbage, the goldmine, hdr, witty, humorous, yet sometimes a little on the creepy side, long exposures, landscapes, street scenes, selfies, ghosting, cloning, his "close/nearly/almost" series, his pup, his lovely wife Jen, her tummy and of course the intro to the newest member of their family ... the fonz (I mean Felix). Yay. Congrats to you all.


Below we have featured one of my all time favs in Ryan's stream (one of his top picks too), 3 more of his favs, and a slideshow to his entire project. Be sure to have a peak. It really is a treat and lots of inspiration to be found! Congrats again Ryan.
07.04.09: american splendor.
05.07.09: cars break down and people break down and other things break down too.07.25.09: special edition.

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