Sunday, 3 January 2010

Congratulations to steve_clatford!!!

Yay!!! Congrats to Steve (or should I say Man of the Moon:). He was also one of the Dec 31st finishers. Woo hoo!

Steve definitely experimented with numerous techniques during his 365. Hard to summarize it all here, but when I think of Steve's images some of the first things that come to mind are.. moon shots, landscapes, low key, high key, macros, star trails, hdr, reflections & eyes, b&w, self portraits, long exposures, panos, lighting and abstracts, live diptych :) ... of course the list goes on.. but I will stop there for now, and let his own words and photographs describe the rest!

He wrote a little blurb on his final photo so I thought I would share his thoughts of his ride through the 365 and his plans for future photography projects.

"I'll be honest, I'm glad it's over, but glad that I did it .... erm ... what, you want concise? ... It's been fun, frustrating, ridiculous (in a box, anyone?), inspiring, moderately dangerous and certainly something I wont forget!! :-)
I'm not doing it again though.
Next year I'm going to be trying more portrait (not self) stuff, more experimenting, more playing around with lighting and strobist-ness, hopefully selling some pictures and concentrating more on quality of pictures ... I've only been doing this photography lark seriously for 2 and half years, so I've still got about a million things to learn .... wish me luck?
For now I'm going to take a mini flickr and photography break for a couple of weeks, sort out all the photos that didn't get sorted last year (mostly holiday and event pictures, but there's about 2000), acquire a few more lighting gizmos .... sort other stuff out."

He also shared highlights from his journey during the last week of his project. You can check out the descriptions on those photos for more fun reading!

Below we have featured his final photo (a compilation of all his shots from his project.. pretty awesome), 2 of his favorites (one of which happened to be lowest point in his 365, but which triggered the idea for the shot), a couple admins picks and the slideshow for his entire project. And congrats again Steve!

365of365 I am 365
149of365 not that tree again
210of365 Give up
104of365 Salt changes nations38of365 February's Moon
199of365 Steve... Not that barley field AGAIN?!

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