Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Congratulations to Pascal \o/!!

Pascal started and ended his project with fireworks and deserves congratulations on finishing his 365 Project on December 31st!

Pascal mentioned he enjoyed the project because "the pressure to take a shot each day made him take pictures he wouldn't have taken otherwise". A look through his 365 set will show his mastery of low key and long exposure photography. And don't worry, there isn't a shortage of beautiful, dark shots to enjoy.

It looks like the 365 Project served him well because there are many unique and interesting shots throughout his stream. His stream isn't short on inspiration and beauty, so make sure to stop by his 2009 set.

Pascal has decided to take on another 365 Project in 2010 (he's very brave!), so we won't be missing his photos this year!

Below is his final shot, three of his favorites, two admin picks, and a slide show of his entire 2009 project.

happy 2010street 5Jelmer (6)giant bubbles 3gullsilhouettes

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