Friday, 22 January 2010

Congratulations to Dani_Girl!

Congratulations to Dani! She completed her 365 Project this week, and it has been a pleasure to follow her project during this past year. Dani's stream is a fantastic place to visit and explore, filled with vibrant color and beautiful details. I've also visited her blog several times throughout the year, she's a wonderful writer and her blog posts about her experience with her 365 are very entertaining and insightful. She wrote a post about the end of her project, it was great to read and see some of her favorite photos again.

When I think about Dani's stream I admire the variety and the impressive photography skills she has gained. She has taken beautiful portraits of strangers, both candid and posed. She has rigged stunning long exposure motion shots with toys and taken lovely flower macros. Her children were subjects in many of her memorable photos, and she has a knack of capturing natural, sweet (and sometimes funny) childhood moments. She used photoshop and TtV to create impressive shots. Dani also became interested in taking photos of hands and feet during her project, and included many lovely shots of them in her project. These are two of my favorites:

132:365 Baby toes 256:365 Lucas's purple flower

Congratulations to Dani again on the completion of her wonderful project! Below are four of her favorite photos from her project, her final shot and a slideshow of her entire project.

270:365 The Creation of Adam
274:365 Star incubators 5:365 Lucas and me in the colander 265:365 100 days to go!
365:365 Fini!

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  1. Thank you so much for this sweet post! I still can't believe I'm done!