Monday, 4 January 2010

Congrats to vanderscheer!!!

A big round of applause for Kurt! Yay.. he also finished his project on Dec 31st.

First I thought I would share a little blurb from his profile with you all...
"Kurt VanderScheer is an IT and telecommunications professional by day. His nightly and weekend adventures with photography and photoshop have become a true passion and the spark for his creative energy. His desire to teach others his knowledge was the genesis for the Photography on the Fly screencast and blog. Photography on the Fly is a monthly series of short screencasts dedicated to teaching Photoshop techniques and tricks as they relate to photography."

Like many of us, during his 365 project he explored a wide range of photographic subjects. But more than anything else, when I think of his project.. I start to get hungry! He had the most amazing food shots in there. Certainly a master of lighting, his images could surely be on the cover of any food magazine.

But there is much more to explore in his set of images.. gorgeous landscapes, fun with toys, water & fire, selfies, architectural shots, macros and more. And try to find his watermark.. :) In some of his shots, it's like "finding Waldo".

For his final photo he used a fortune that he found midway through his 365 project and he kept it in his wallet in anticipation of the end. Duno about any of you... but I never thought that far ahead and usually couldn't wait that long to use a new prop!

Below we have featured his final photo, 4 of his favs (which also happen to be some of mine), two admin pica and a slideshow of his entire project. Have a peak.. you won't be disappointed! Tons of inspiration to be found.

And is he doing another 365? No.. but stayed tuned.. his next project is 52 weeks of food. His first shot is a mouth watering piña colada! Cheers!

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