Saturday, 2 January 2010

Congrats to Leonrw!

Congrats to Leon!!! He actually finished his project last week... Yay! (due to the busy holiday season, I am just know getting to his post. apologies!)

Living in the land down under, Leon started his 365 project just a few months after getting into photography. Equipped with his friend Penny’s old 350d, he started taking a photo every day. Learning lots and having a bunch of fun along the way, disaster struck halfway through his project. The camera broke and to repair it was deemed not worthy. He was able to borrow a p&s to tide him over and then he got his hands on a beautiful minolta x-300. Since this was film, he felt he had to make more conscious decisions about what he was photographing and how. So much more expensive! He grew to love working with film, and most of the favs he choose below are from film. Towards the end of his project he purchased a new digital SLR.

What now? Like most of us, he loves photography and will be continuing to experiment and learn, just not everyday. He would like to focus on more specific projects.

Below we have featured his final photo, 3 of his favorites, 2 admin picks and a slideshow of his project.

For his final photo, you might ask.. why a chook? Well.. check out the first photo of his project. It was a photo of this same chook of his, up and awake in the middle of the day. So after a lot of failed ideas, and at about 10pm on the day, Leon thought a photo of them in bed was a nice symbolic way to end the project. Pretty cool!

Day 365!
...And This Is The Living Room (226/365)
Driving Home In The Rain (196/365)A Scene (227/365)Not Biting (154/365)
Doing The Mowing (93/365)

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  1. It's great to see soo many people finishing! I really hope I can this time round!