Sunday, 3 January 2010

Congratulations to beinshitty!!

Congratulations to Chris for completing his 365 Project! He finished on December 31st, along with many of our other members. Be sure to stop by his stream and check out that achievement!

Like many do in their 365 Projects, Chris experimented with quite a few techniques, which can be seen in his set. A visit to his 365 Project set is definitely worth it for inspiration. The images throughout his 365 Project were an interesting look at every day objects and the macros and black and white images were always particularly stunning. And don't miss the shots of Isabella, a beautiful Weimaraner!

Look for more photos coming from Chris this year. It seems he loved the first project so much, he's started another in 2010!

He wanted to share what he learned throughout the project, so here it is in his own words...
1. Always check your backgrounds. I can't tell you how many shots I have taken that looked great on my cameras screen but when I get back to my computer there is a random person or cars in the background.
2. Sometimes a picture can be saved by conversion to black and white. Black and white also works great for winter and dull cloudy days.
3. And the most important lesson learned is that you have to bring your camera with you everywhere even if it annoys your wife.

Very good advice, especially #3. :)

Below are his final photo, three of his favorites, two admin picks, and a slideshow of his 2009 365 Set.

365_365 Closed091_365272_365 Looking Down342_365189_365323_365

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