Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Congrats to Brian Gudas Photography!!!

Woo hoo. Congratulations to Brian (otherwise known as mr. Nikon Man as you can see below)!!!

Nikon Man (263/365)

And yep.. you guessed it... another member who finished on Dec 31st. Woo hoo.

Through Brian's project we got a sneak peak into his daily life. We met his family. Traveled along with him on some of his holidays (a cruise to Alaska and a trip to New Mexico among some of them). We saw his love for dogs shine through, including their pups Sadie and their beloved Rodrique. As a runner, we heard stories of races and saw some pics too.

He dabbled in all areas of photography... you now them all by now.. landscapes, stills, portraits and candids. If you asked me which one really stood out in his stream, I would say portraits. And
towards the later half of his project, we saw many of his senior portrait sessions.. although perhaps that has to do more with the time of year. But one thing is for certain, he really did some amazing work. He also ventured into wedding photography. And the photos were just beautiful!

And for today, I am changing it up a bit. Less words and more photos. Cuz like they say, a photo is like a thousand words. I will let his work speak for itself.

Below we have featured final photo, 3 of his favs, 4 admin pics and a slideshow of his project. Check it out!!! And congrats again Brian.

Thank You (365/365)Speeder ... and his brother (179/365)
Rodrique (327/365)
The Heart of the City (49/365)Peace Comes Around (125/365)
Blast Off... Bosque Del Apache (345/365)
Sadie... For The Last Time (361/365)The $6M Pear (62/365)

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