Saturday, 9 January 2010

Congratulations to Ruthyf!!

Congratulations goes out to Ruthy for finishing her 365 on December 31st! Like most of us, Ruthy started her 365 Project to learn more about photography and her camera. She also wanted to create a photo diary of the year. After taking a look at her photostream, I'm sure you'll agree she accomplished this and more.

Ruthy's 365 Project set actually has over 600 photos because she had such trouble picking only one for the day. Now that is dedication!

Below are three of her favorites and why they are her favorites in her own words. Enjoy!

Bee - this pic was one of the very first macros I had ever taken - and I really loved it. It certainly gave me a taste for more!

# 20B - 20th Jan - Happy bee by ruthy_f

Passionfruit Flower - I have included this one, as it is the closest I've ever come to actually getting into Explore....whilst others feature in there monthly, I have never had an image in Explore. This image however, was a dropped image, and made it fleetingly in the # 495 position.

# 95A - 5th April - Passionfruit flower

Cardiff Bay/Roald Dahl Plass - had to include this one - Cardiff is one of my favourite places to travel to. And I just loved the perspective of this pic which included the Wales Millennium Centre.

# 300A - 27th October - Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay

And here is her final shot, two admin picks, and a slideshow of her entire project! Congratulations again, Ruthy!

# 365 - 31st December - The End?# 351B - 17th December - Morning Colour# 46A - 15th Feb - A doggone close up by ruthy_f

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  1. Thanks for uploading that H3ather.....

    It was certainly a journey over the course of 2009.

    I must add though, that I'm pleased my photography improved over the year, because those initial images are more than just a tad boring ;)

    Thanks again!