Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Congratulations to GenBug!

Laura finished her 365 Project with the December 31st finishers and definitely deserves congratulations! Laura started her project at the beginning of 2009 and soon discovered the 365 Community to share her project in. There was no turning back after that! :)

Her photostream lets you take a peek into her life and the Idaho countryside. The macros are abundant and beautiful throughout her 365 Project. And there isn't a lack of color. The vibrant yellows, oranges, reds, etc. are definitely worth taking a look at!

Laura is taking on a 52 week project in 2010 and she says she still has a lot to learn. She also wanted to thank the Flickr community for being a constant inspiration and encouragement!

Below is her final photo, three of her favorites, two admin picks, and a slideshow. Congratulations again, Laura!

Day 365!!!!!!!!!!!
Make a wish, close your eyes, and blow the seeds awayLow visibility
Olives in your coke
Barn on AmityWhere's the water???

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