Saturday, 2 January 2010

Congratulations to djdphotos!

Derrick finished his 365 Project on December 31st and deserves a big round of applause!

On January 1st of 2009 he decided to try out the 365 project. He started the project to learn more about his camera and photography in general. Little did he know that he was in for quite the ride. Derrick soon found out about the Flickr community and it was all uphill from there. But don't worry, he plans on sticking around the community, even though his 365 is done. :)

Here is some advice from his last photo his own words:

"my advice for anyone one who wants to give this a whirl:
- Yes, do it!
- Prepare to be broken… about halfway through the project i was feeling a bit taxed by the whole experience… and i know I'm not alone is this… taking a picture a day can be a trivial endeavor (pushing the shutter button isn't that difficult) or it can be insanely difficult depending on how high you set your bar.
- it's going to take time… and a lot of it… prepare accordingly. At the beginning of the project i was spending maybe 15 minutes on flickr after posting a shot… bout 4 or 5 months in i was spending literally 3 or 4 hours every time i got on to post a shot. it became a part-time job. that's one of the costs of the 365… but one of the benefits as well. the reason i was spending so much time on each night is that I was sharing an experience with other flickr members. i was sharing in their joys and sorrows.
- don't get sucked in by that magic donkey… explore is great… but some of my best and favorite shots didn't get into explore… and some shots that were less than great somehow slipped in."

And now for the photos. Below is Derrick's final photo, three of his favorites, two admin picks, and a slideshow of his whole project. Congratulations to Derrick again for completing the project!

365/365 - the end49/365 - waiting308/365 - all washed up286/365 - change for charity by bluemiataman190/365 - soccer200/365 - abbey road

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