Monday, 4 January 2010

Congratulations Ayelike!

Congratulations to Neil! He completed his 365 Project on December 31. The photographs taken during his project includes a wide range of subjects with many wonderful portraits, both staged and candid. He has also taken many stunning architectural photographs using unique perspectives. Neil has a knack for photographing everyday objects in lovely ways. His 365 set is well worth a visit, taken together his photos conveyed a great deal of energy, beauty and fun. Here's Neil describing parts of his 365 experience:

For somebody who has never even kept a diary before, the 365 project was quite a daunting task. I wanted to find a way to push my photography onto the next level and if there is one thing this project did it was push me. The distance between the highs and lows were incredible. The lows saw me scrambling around my house looking for something to shoot, some glimmer of inspiration, with only minutes left before midnight. The highs saw me taking opportunities I would never normally have taken to get some shots that I’m really happy with.

During the year of my project I undertook my first shoot with a model (and several more followed), I submitted photos to an online magazine, I dabbled with macros, and got involved in several mini projects such as finding Space Invaders and capturing the architecture of Manchester. I now feel I know my camera, lenses and flash inside out and am always thinking what would make a good shot. I got from this exactly what I set out to achieve.

No, there won’t be a 365 for 2010. First I need to take a break – I never want taking photos to become a chore. Going forward, I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt from my 365 and spending more time on shots, allowing the perfectionist in me to come back. I think the best in me is yet to come. But that isn’t to say I won’t do another 365 in the near future. I also want to add that support from the Flickr groups has been amazing. I’ve come in to contact with some very skilled and genuine people and the community spirit got me through the tough days. Thanks to you all!

Again, congratulations to Neil on completing his project and taking so many great photos along the way! Below are some of his favorites, his final photo, two admin favorites and a slideshow of his project.

067/365 088/365
170/365 Central Library in Manchester 163/365
158/365 049/365
365/365 064/365 037/365

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