Sunday, 17 January 2010

Congratulations to #mari!

Congratulations to Mari, another 365 Community member who finished her project December 31! Mari's project set is wonderful, full of lovely portraits and wonderful self portraits. She uses film beautifully. So many of her photos seem like moments in a story, filled with energy and mystery and has a great way of making mundane things seem interesting. I enjoyed exploring her project set very much, here is a link to the slideshow of her project.

Mari gained a great deal from her project and describes her experience beautifully:

if wasn't for the group i would have stopped counting my days a long time ago. i did not make 365 photos to flickr, but i thought of photography everyday, certainly. and i love the project for that. and for making me feel beautiful in front of the camera sometimes. and for making me pay attention to the simple things, the details, the textures. for making me realize that photography, to me, is attachment. and that being able to see the light and how it behaves in the most different conditions is what keeps me going with life.

Congratulations again to Mari! Below are three of her favorite photos from the project, her final photo and two admin favorites.

after coma 225/365
231/365365/365 happiness is only real when it's shared
33/365 229/365


  1. yes, she is amazing! :)

  2. congratulations marianna (:

    i ♥ u