Monday, 18 January 2010

Congratulations to Mykl Roventine!

Congratulations to Mykl! He completed his 365 Project on December 31. Mykl's a good friend of mine, we met in college a couple of decades ago. I've always admired his creativity and it has been a pleasure to see it in play during his 365 project. His project is very him, full of humor and interesting things to say, and I've enjoyed following it this past year.

Mykl's photos have a great deal of color and vibrancy. He frequently uses unexpected, off kilter angles that give his photography an added sense of fun and interest. He excels at macros, creating beautiful shots out of all sorts of subjects, no matter how lovely or lowly: flower bits, cracks in the sidewalk and discarded tires all become creatively composed shots. His stream is also chronicles and celebrates signs, textures and big things. His set is an exuberant, beautiful place to explore and certainly worth a visit.

Here are three of Mykl's favorite photos from his project, and, in his own words, why they are meaningful to him:

60/365 Frank
60/365 Frank One of those moments I wouldn't have captured before I started the project. Knowing I still hadn't gotten a good shot for the day, I started wandering the gallery and happened to turn around as my family was examining Chuck Close's painting "Frank" (at the Minneapolis Institute of Art).

69/365 Plastisaurus Rex
69/365 Plastisaurus Rex One of the many shots I staged for the project. Drawing on the 365 Community's weekly themes and Monthly Scavenger Hunt group for inspiration helped me though innumerable blocks during the project.

360/365 Snowflakes
360/365 Snowflakes As the project progressed I started to become more hyper-aware of my surroundings. This is a perfect example of something I would have walked right by pre-project. Taken just as the snow was falling, it was one of those times I just knew the shot would be special. I developed something of a sixth sense for knowing when I had each day's shot by the end of the project.

Congratulations again to Mykl! Below are his final photo, four admin favorites and the slideshow of his entire project.

365/365 One more for the road 192/365 Lucy and the Whale
51/365 Better than good 39/365 Tired 46/365 I'd hit that

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