Friday, 1 January 2010

Congratulations to WonderRob!!

Congratulations are in order for Rob! He finished his 365 Project on December 31st. What an awesome way to close out the year.

Rob's 365 Project started out as a 2009 New Year's resolution to take one photo a day for the whole year. Sweet Pea the dog and his girlfriend April were regulars throughout his project and they have provided more than a few entertaining and awesome photos. Looking at his photos is like taking a peek into his life.

Rob experimented with low-light, long exposure, macros and much more. And you won't look at kitchen utensils and fruit the same way after a visit to his Project 365 Set. :)

Below we have featured Rob's final photo, 3 of his favorites, two admin picks and a slideshow of his entire 365. Congratulations again!

SparklyCrackedSweet FreedomTippyToesDefeatDog store

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