Thursday, 21 January 2010

Congrats to embem30!

Yay.. Congrats to Emily! She finished up her 365 on January 5th, but since she had been traveling over the holiday break.. she just uploaded her final pic this past week.

Living in San Francisco, Emily is another member of the community I had the pleasure of meeting this year. So fun to meet other flickr/ photo addicts :) And for me a visit to her stream was always a treat.... and I have to say.. always made me very hungry! Oh my.. from gourmet dishes prepared by her husband Steve, to visits to all sorts of fabulous restaurants, not to mention all those tasty looking treats. Here are just a few...
139/365 fiddlesticks145/365 appetizers for dinner203/365 gratuitous desserts

And still not sure how she managed it, but all her shots look so light & airy! Even when they were shot indoors under low lighting conditions. A trick with the processing she hinted, while we were out on a photo walk :)

She also had no problem snapping photos inside of stores.. so we got a peak at some of the seasonal displays in town. She had a good eye for spotting cute pups & cool street scenes when out and about. These two are some of my favs :)
241/365 guard dog171/365 waiting dog

During her project we also got a sneak peak into what she does for a living. Some great shots from the performances she helped coordinate. And we traveled with her to the wine country for her wedding anniversary and the East Coast for some holiday fun with friends and family. We meet her neighbors and their pets too.

And will she continue with another 365.. no.. but she will find some other projects soon.

Below we have featured her final shot, a couple of her favs and a slideshow of her entire project. Have a look, but be sure not to go on an empty stomach! Congrats again Emily.

365/365 the end305/365 with sprinkles on top
137/365 summer carbonara
153/365 tied up with string

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