Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Congratulations to rimblas!

Congratulations to Jorge, another 365 Community member who completed his project on December 31! I've followed his project through most of the year and enjoyed doing so immensely. He seemed to be constantly learning about the technical aspects of photography and would often share his methods of setting up and lighting photos. His creativity and vision grew impressively as well, he produced beautiful nature shots, detailed macros, and photos that showed his fun sense of humor (his Halloween Family Portrait #304 is an example of one that made me laugh aloud.) He's also done some impressive work with panning and photoshop. His 365 set is well worth a visit.

His project includes many great portraits of his friends and family and lovely photos of his wife during the last part of her pregnancy. When Jorge's and Marie's adorable daughter was born Jorge began to take photos of her for his project, and took stunning shots of her that I'm sure the three of them will always treasure.

Here are four of his favorite photos from his project, and, in his own words, why they are meaningful to him:

Baby Owner's Manual (176 of 365)
Baby Owner's Manuall What can I say, being the technical guy that I am, I really felt like a needed a manual.

Motherhood Training (142 of 365)
Motherhood Training This is special to me because Marie really did a lot to take care of herself while expecting. Also, I've learned more photoshop than I ever imagined. This wasn't a huge challenge in PS, but the result was very rewarding.

And then there were three (228 of 365) EXPLORED!
And then there were three This image took a lot of planning and some effort to setup. I turned out just the way I envisioned it, maybe even better. Originally it was going to be a B&W, but the color version is so compelling that it ended up being the final image.

Sam & Ben (290 of 365)
Sam&Ben I just love the way this turned out. It wasn't planned, but when I saw how well they looked together in the rocking chair I hat to take out the camera and the umbrella to light it. I confess I did make the little boy "smile" a little in photoshop.

Jorge has been continuing to take photos every day and he's thinking about which new photography challenge he'd like to take on next. We're certainly looking forward to seeing what he does next. Below are his final photo, three admin favorites and a slideshow of his project. Congratulations again Jorge!

The End (365 of 365)
Not sure what that is, but it is so cool!  (104 of 365) (EXPLORED!) A Life in My Hand (173 of 365) Dragonfly (145 of 365)

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