Friday, 1 January 2010

Congratulations Farzana C!

Congratulations to Farzana! She completed her 365 Project on December 31, and she's one of the many members who proves that you don't need a complicated camera to achieve lovely images. Her project is filled with wonderful color and details and beautiful macros. She described the experience of her project so eloquently that I'd like to quote her here:

I’ve found that I actually see things now, as opposed to noticing them; I liken it to when Dorothy and Toto arrived in the Land of Oz and the movie became glorious Technicolor. So much to take in, so much beauty.

Here are four of her favorite photos from her project, and, in her own words, why they are meaningful to her:

P365/2009/068 Surrounded
A completely chance encounter, I was staying in a remote hotel in Germany and went for a walk and came across these silver birches - which were huge.

P365/2009/144  A Small Request
A secret prayer, there were hundreds of these outside the shrine, but I was attracted to this one. I always wonder what the prayer was.

P365/2009/218  Harvest
I picked out an usual composition, but I think the photo really worked and perfectly depicted a harvest in progress

P365/2009/214  Terraced
My Uncle passed away today - he had a master’s degree in Petroleum Mining, had written books and lectured on the subject. I looked for a stone, with a terraced/ mined feel to it, to remind me of him. RIP Uncle.

Here's Farzana's final photo, two admin favorites and a slideshow of her entire project. Congratulations to Farzana again, and I look forward to see what she does next.

P365/2009/365  Thanks.....
P365/2009/025  Fan Leaf P365/2009/142 Contentment

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