Monday, 30 November 2009

Congrats to VTChEwbecca!

One of our last finishers in November. Big congrats to Chewie!!! She had been thinking of doing a 365 for awhile, but finally took the plunge when a friend of hers started. After getting her hands on a new SLR (a Sony Alpha 300) earlier that year, what a perfect way to learn more about her new camera.

She played around with all sorts of techniques; long exposures, cloning, selective color, sepia and B&W, macro photography and more.

On her final photo she included some interesting statistics too. Thought those would be fun to share here too...
6.6% (24) of her photos involved books/reading - her favorite hobby
14.5% (53) of her photos involved her felines
15.9% (58) of her photos were self portraits - funny, because she hates having my photo taken
17.3% (63) of her photos were in black and white

And while she will not be continuing on with her 365, she will be playing in MSH and perhaps start a 52 weeks project soon. This fall she got busy with life and was not able to spend as much time on her daily photo as she would have liked, a weekly photo would allow more time to focus on different ideas, themes and techniques.

Below we have featured her final photo, 3 of her favs, two admin pics and a link to the slideshow of her project.

365/365 - Over and Out...
75/365 - Meowing in the Rain219/365 - Happy Independence Day!
270/365 - It's Dragonrider TIme Again
123/365 - Game Cards68/365 - Snow Trees

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