Friday, 27 November 2009

Congrats to (al)!

A big congrats to Al! Woo hoo. He finished his project earlier this week. Yay.

In his own words, he started this project to document a year of his life, starting on his 33rd birthday. Over the course of the year, he unveiled a pressing desire to get in touch with things that meant a lot to his father... and DID them! He also was challenged to take new opportunities for training and encouragement by traveling to LA and he did it!!! As you look through his project in its entirety, you will see what it is that he values in life - his family, his friends and the basic everyday stories of the people he has met and shared some life with...

And one thing that needs to be mentioned about Al's project, is that he took all his photos using just one lens! His prime 50mm. Awesome.

Below we have featured his final photo, 3 of his favs, two admin pics and a link to a slideshow of his entire project. Congrats again Al!

#365/365 - I'm outta here…
#48/365 - I think it might be time to mow the lawns!#278/365 - Helping Hand
#250/365 - fun with handles#149/365 - Welcome Home
#31/365 - He walks, he talks and all sorts of stuff...

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