Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big News!!! Congratulations to Patchworkbunny!!!

Woo hoo! Earlier today Ellie finished her 365 project. Congratulations Ellie!

First off... a big thank you from us all for starting such a great group. Really it certainly is a wonderful place for us all to hang out while working on our 365 projects (and after)! Such a wonderful supportive community here. And the blog is such a great feature. Been happy to help out and learn all about blogging too.

And you introduced us to other fun groups.... the monthly scavenger hunt, theme of the week, fgr, the rogue players and others. So many fun things to get hooked on around here!

When I think of Ellie's work.. the first thing that comes to mind is low key. Wow.. did she pull off some incredible photos using that technique. But her stream is full of much more than that. Beautiful self portraits, creative & sometimes silly get ups, face art, amazing macros, gorgeous scenic shots from the nearby seaside, cute animal portraits and great use of textures.

She will still be hanging out around the community, msh and the rogue players. And when she dives in and gets that full frame DSLR, she will be starting year 2. Yay.

Again.. and huge congrats and lots of thank yous!

Below we have featured her final photo from today, 3 of her favs, 2 of my pics and one of Meshl's favs. Mine too actually. I have lots of her shots in my favs.. so hard to pick just a couple ;)
365:365 The End
317:365 Bella Detesta Matribus252:365 Is That Edible?
104:365 Your Heart Is Mine
215:365 It's Better Just Upside Down105:365 The Chop
111:365 From Behind The Mask

To have a peak at her entire project, have a browse through the slideshow.

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