Monday, 9 November 2009

Congrats to Attila Acs!

Yay... Congrats to Attila. He finished this past Saturday too. Woo hoo. Actually it looks like over the next few months we will be having a lot of finishers so lots of blog posts ahead :)

And like some of the others in the group, he is crazy enough to keep on going. He started with year 2 already! *applause* During his first year of the project he played around with hdr, fisheye (in all forms), details, portraits, landscape.. you name it he's got a bit of it in there.

Below we have featured his final shot and his original image that the advertisement banner was based on. He also choose a couple favs & one he wasn't too crazy about. And since he was sweet enough to send me a bit of text of why he choose each one, I have just the bit of text with each image. An admin fav and last, but not least a link to the slideshow of his entire project.

This is it 365/365Sound Knowledge 347/365
"because I enjoyed playing with that idea and try something where I didn't know if it would actually work..."
M.C. Escher Tribute Photo 65/365
"the subject is so boring and meaningless but I stared at it forever when I worked on it and completely forgot that I had work to do instead"
Downward Spiral 274/365
"I couldn't leave it out because it means a lot to me"
Firm Grip 171/365
"If I could add a dislike, I don't know why this one attracted more views in 2 days than pretty much anything I've put up before :D" suz speaking here now.. i have to admit, this one certainly grabbed my attention !
Look! 359/365

and the admin pic. :)
Empty Shoes 54/365

Congrats again!!

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