Saturday, 28 November 2009

Congrats to Pennacook!

Sending a big congratulations to Todd. He finished his project on Wednesday! Yay!

Like many of us, Todd choose to do a 365 project for multiple reasons. One... to keep a daily log of sorts and two... to learn more about his camera that he had barely used.

During his project not only did he increase his knowledge of his camera, but has grown to love photography. He played around with lighting (including off camera lighting), TTV and macro photography.

And does he plan to continue with another 365?... well no.. BUT he may venture into setting up his own portrait studio and perhaps will continue with a 100 strangers project or a 52 weeks project. But not immediately... a little break is a good thing! He will still be hanging out in Flickrland though to play in MSH and macro mondays. Two groups he has become quite addicted to. Easy to do, as those groups are a ton of fun.

Below we have featured his final photo, 3 of his favs, two admin pics & a link to the slideshow for his entire project. And congrats again Todd!

365:365 Celebrating (the end) !!
365:355 Droplets and refractions365:274 Bridge walk
365:102 Playing for spare change365:327 Spooky Cookies
365:325 A lonely road

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