Monday, 23 November 2009

Congrats to SophieG*

A huge congrats to Sophie! Woo hoo. So what to say and where to start? I would guess that there aren't too many folks in the group who haven't stumbled upon Sophie's 365 project and been inspired.

While she claims she still has heaps to learn in some areas... she certainly mastered many techniques and developed a unique style that she could call her own. And I have to say, it wasn't too hard to spot her work in the crowd.

Her work was sometimes full of color and other times was beautifully muted. If you think of Sophie, more than likely all the following would come to mind... minimalist, simple composition, negative space, color, soft, dreamy, white on white and master of texture. She made the best use of a washing machine that I have ever seen. And I have to admit I am a tad jealous of her lovely window. The light was just perfect.

Her flower shots were always amazing.. and many times I left her stream hungry for a tasty treat. But she also traveled to Paris & India during her 365 and we also got a quick peak into her home town too. Danbo visited her stream on a couple occasions. And I think Sophie is also the only one I have seen who made some use of her scanner for her shots of the day!

Through out the year, we got some sneak peaks.. little bits of Sophie. Perhaps some day she will pop in with a full on selfie, but not for now. And appearances aren't everything anyhow.. you just need to read Sophie's descriptions and tags to know what a witty and lovely lady she is. ;) She is taking a wee break.. but hopefully she won't stay away for too long. Congrats again!

Below we have featured her final photo, 3 of her favs, a pic from Meshl and one from me. Have to say it was quite hard choosing as I think I have half her stream in my favs. And what.... no flowers or fruit of spices shown here? You will just have to check out the slideshow if you haven't already seen those!

365/365: The end of the beginning158/365: I was much further out than you thought / And not waving but drowning
179/365: You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes
167/365: Bursting356/365: No yolking matter
274/365: Emptiness still leaves a space

*wow.. was that ever wordy.. umm.. i blame it on the margaritas i had earlier this evening. cheers everyone!*

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