Friday, 20 November 2009

Congrats to Littleredcera!!!

Sending some big congratulations to Sarah! She finished her 365 project yesterday. Woo hoo. She started on her birthday last year with the hopes (like most of us) of learning more about her camera and photography. And wow... did she ever :)

As a teacher in Vermont, we got some sneak peaks into her classroom. She also introduced us to her family, her pets and she shared some very personal stories with us. We also got to see a very special place... her vacation spot since she was a youngster. And it looks super relaxing there.

Working with an advanced point and shoot she took all kinds of photos from portraits, to landscapes, macros, selfies and long exposures. She played around with all sort of processing techniques too... including some that I have yet to try ... cloning, fairy dust and levitation. Super fun! And she did them so well.

And will she move on to year two? Well maybe, after she has saved up enough for an SLR. In the mean time though, she will pop in from time to time.

Below we have featured her final shot (in her classroom), 3 of her favs and an admin pic (had to share one of her cloning shots!). You can also browse through her entire project.. just click the link below.

ENJOY! And Congrats again Sarah!

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