Thursday, 12 November 2009

Congrats to Morberg!

Congrats to Niklas! He finished his 365 project today. Yay!

Once again, I am going to be somewhat uncreative here and just swipe some of the text Niklas wrote himself.. so most of what I am writing here is in his own words ;)

During his 365 journey spent a good chunk of time in his home country (Sweden) but he also traveled to Egypt, France, Palma, and India.

More importantly though, he experimented with everything he could get his hands on, which is evident by a quick glance on his stream. He tried long exposure shots, off camera flash shots, light painting, landscapes, portraits, black and white, self portraits, street photography, macros, water splashes, and much more.

And like many of us, he purchased some fun new toys! ... a 35mm prime, a gorilla pod and for his flash he acquired some gels, umbrella and light stand and he also made a snoot, gobos and a grid.

And even more exciting news, his photos have been used by a couple of people on the net: in Wikipedia articles, on a post at Umbro's blog, an article from the immigration policy center, and even a flyer made in Lausanne. What made him most happy was a teacher in South Carolina who kindly asked permission to print a photo to hang in her classroom as inspiration for dyslexic kids. And of course she could.

And while he will most likely not be doing another 365, he will still be hanging out in flickrland.

Below we have featured his final 365 photo, 3 of his favs and 2 admin pics. Congrats again Niklas!

What Now? - 365/365
WindmillsMartini - 83/365
Escaping - 221/365Jump - 169/365
Flick - 208/365

to view his entire 365, check out the slideshow below.

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