Monday, 23 August 2010

Congratulations to armiller007!

A big congrats to Aaron, who finished his 365 project earlier this week with this wonderful London night shot.

365/365 - Thanks everyone! I did it!

Aaron kindly answered the following questions for us about his 365 experience, and below this are some of his favorite photos from the year.

1) What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?

I began the project actually on a whim. I was extraordinarily "into" photography at the time, was floating around on Flickr and found the 365 group. I thought it was pretty interesting, thought about it for 10 minutes, and decided to dive right in. Probably a little naive; it was probably a week into it that I realized how large the commitment was and really made a second decision, and that was to finish the 365 project!

2) How would you describe your photography in just a few words?

The first word that comes to mind is amateur. But I love all sorts; travel in particular, but also learning about nature, stock, macro and street. I try to have a variety of photos and have no desire to focus in one area, at least not yet.

3) What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?

It's tough. More difficult than I thought, but I have to say I was most surprised by how many people sign up for it and then don't finish. Of the contacts I've had that I really watch closely, I think the success rate may be as low as 20-30%. I was also surprised by how time consuming the project is; honestly everyday it was on my mind, and I was always concerned coming home at night and still needing to take a photo.

4) What did you learn during the course of your project?

From a "life" perspective, I learned how cyclical my life is, all of the ebbs and flows that exist over the course of a year. When I look back on the project, this is well documented but may not be visible to others. I detail this a little bit more in my final write-up on the 365th photo. From a photography perspective, I learned a ton. In some of my cycles I spent a lot of time reading books, going to seminars, etc. and learned about composition but also lighting.

5) Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?

Three brief stories - my experience story would have to be our trip to Israel and going to spend a few hours in the Dead Sea. Adriana and I laughed our asses off in that water, bouncing around in the most buoyant water you could imagine and covering ourselves in mud. So the picture below is one that brings back some fond memories.

269/365 - The Dead Sea

From a photography perspective, I think my pride would go to

213/365 - Strawberries

for the efforts Alan and I made that day taking the photo. We learned a lot, but took over an hour to take a pic of a couple strawberries on a table. And in hindsight we did it in a pretty strange way due to the lenses we had at our disposal; a 100-400 L halfway across the kitchen because it was our best lens at the time! But the picture below

130/365 - Cristo Redentor

is also a picture that I'm proud of because it was taken on a super hot day, with what seemed like thousands of people up on Corcovado. But I was still able to get a picture that, in my mind, captured the divine look of the statue. It also made number 1 on explore!

6) What are your future photography plans?

At times I thought I'd continue this effort indefinitely, but I'm ready for a break. So I want to concentrate a little more now on macro photography (the 100 mm L IS is fricking awesome), and potentially take another stab at trying to sell some photos for through micro-stock but we'll see. In the future I think nature photography would be particularly interesting, combining my love of the outdoors with photography.

301/365 - Waiting for the bus

not an earth-shattering pic, but a capture of my daily life in London

074/365 - Love potion

date night with Adriana!

082/365 - Fireworks!

My first foray with photographing fireworks, one of my major goals for the project

Here are some admin faves from his year and a link to his entire 365 Project.

167/365 - St. Pancras 132/365 - Concha y Toro Wine Cellar 092/365 - Home decor

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