Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fish Day

I loved watching Fish Day unfold in the 365 Day Community group! I don't think that fortune fish are naturally the easiest subject to photograph, which made me extra impressed to see all of these fantastic and creative photos.

Here they are again, and thank you all so much for participating :)

Black and Red         30/365 324/365 365 Community Fish Day
365 Community Fish Day334/365 Community Fish Day
Day Three Hundred and Thirty Four Fish Day
Eating The Fortune Fish - 334:365
Fortune Fish 332. What Fish, Ossifer..?
Lily, not too passionate about this fish  147/365 334/365: Community Fish Day
Fish Day Danbo visits the UKDay 334 - Try as he might, Wall-E cannot decipher the mystery of the Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
dreamy fish334/365 365 Community Fish Day - Some say that I'm fickle but I'd like to think I'm passionate
049/365 - Passionate Give a Man a Fish...
334/365 - Fish 'n Chips Fish flying over Chicago
Day 1430
happy fish day! Under The Sea
Ice Fish-ing [047] Fortune Fish
365/36 All At Sea what do you think your fortune will be?
fortune fish fortune teller fish passionate!
334/365: Happy Fish Day 336/365 I'm gonna have to say 'indifference' What does "passionate" mean?

Please let me know if your fish photo is not here! >)))))))>


  1. What a terrific project this was. I love seeing everyone's photos here -- so creative and interesting and whimsical! And thanks to our excellent group admins for concocting such a fun enterprise for all of us!!

  2. I second everything Rachel Pasch said - much fun, and thanks to admins for making it happen!
    Peace, Judi