Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Congratulations eahNC!

Congratulations to Beth! She completed her 365 today and it has been a pleasure to follow her 365 Project this year and see the world through her eyes! Here, in her own words, Beth describes her project:

What a ride!! I started my 365, having been familiar with the idea of 365's but not really with flickr. It was a steep learning curve for flickr, photoshop, and new processing techniques. I still have quite a lot to learn about photography and processing, but I do think that my 365 has inspired my confidence. Techniques can be learned. Skills can be honed. I CAN straighten my images before I capture them! I can compose a shot in my head before looking through the viewfinder. I feel like my style tends to bounce around, but that's
also my choice. I like a lot of different styles and choose not to commit! After 365 days, I'm comfortable with that. I've learned not to compare my stream to others. The 365 Community group has amazing talent; many talents far above my abilities. One of my greatest honors this year was have an image chosen as the picture of the week for this group. Thank you! I am so grateful to my contacts for their encouragement, even though I had no idea that
"contacts" would become part of the experience. You all are an integral part of making a 365 fun and interesting. Thank you!

The most difficult challenges for me were finding the time to make a shot, and finding something interesting for a subject. Sometimes I resorted to shots from the car. OK, many times. But as a suburban mom of 3, that's where I spend a lot of my time. Next year I look forward to spending more time investigating photography and
processing techniques that I didn't have time to explore this year. Such as trying to get an image of the stars to work out. But especially, taking more portraits and capturing interactions.

I've chosen some images that I feel represent compositions that I wouldn't have "seen" before starting my 365, and/or that incorporate elements that are now more integral to my photography than before. And a couple that involve getting up early... because, let's face it, so often it's all about the light.

130/365 Passing the time
275/365 strolling in the blue
276/365 over the dunes
293/365 consequences
197/365 flower power
305/365 canoe reflection

Congratulations again to eahNC! Here is her 365/365 photo, a couple of my favorites from her project and a slideshow of her project, filled with wonderful subjects and gorgeous light:

365/365 Mockingbird
122/365 First grade 295/365 what a way to start the day

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