Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Congrats to LaCheryl

A big round of applause for LaCheryl. She finished her project just the other day with this crazy good splash shot! Congratulations!

365/365 A Splash Ending...

I do have to add, since LaCheryl also is in California, she was one of the few photographers in our 365 Community group that I had the pleasure of meeting, on one of her trips up to San Francisco from LA. Flickr meet ups are so cool! We should set up some more in the group.

Here are a few of my all time favs from her project.

291/365 173/365  polabokeh 292/365
Yep.. me too.. fan of those ole vintage polas!

And now.. in her own words, some answers to our questions, with a few of her favs shown in between.


What inspired you to begin your 365 Project?

When I started the 365 photo project I hoped to grow as a photographer/artist during the project. I have been into photography for many years, but had not consistently taken photos for a very long time. I had thoughts of maybe putting enough images together for a small gallery show, but realized that I would need to shot a lot, just to get a few good images. I learned about Flickr through an article in American Photo (AP). I had heard of the site, but always thought of it as just a depository of family snapshots. The article in AP focused on some very talented “Flickr stars”. I then started looking at the site and found people doing photo a day projects. I thought about it for two and a half months before I took the plunge. I had also purchased the Canon 5DMII and wanted to make sure I used it enough to justify the investment.

How would you describe your photography in just a few words?

I think I would say that I like “simple reality”. I try to extract the artistic qualities of everyday things. Yes, some of the photos in the project were set ups using off-camera flash, but for the most part I photographed things and people as I found them. Using Lightroom and photoshop allows an extra layer of creative expression.


What surprised you the most about doing the 365 project?

I was actually most surprised by two things. One thing that surprised me the most was that I got tired of doing the project. It was a self-imposed pressure to post something that I thought had some artistic merit; I almost started to feel resentful. There were days that I just did not want to think about photography. The thing that kept me motivated was the other surprise…the support of the people on Flickr, especially those in the “365 Community”.


What did you learn during the course of your project?
I learned some practical things like how to use Lightroom, improved my off camera flash skills, learned about using textures, macro and Through the Viewfinder (TtV), and renewed my love of Polaroid. I also learned the importance of peer support and inspiration. I learned that I like shooting with the camera phone more often than not because of the smallness, simplicity, and applications.

Do you have an interesting story about taking one of your 365 photos that you would like to share?

Ironically, the most interesting story is that of number 365. Unfortunately, I had one of those days. I shot a lot of different images, and even found a cool sign in Whole Foods market that said 365. I also decided that maybe the last photo would be a technique that I had not tried…cookie splash. Well the first few attempts were pretty awful, so I erased the entire card… I forgot that it was the same card that had all the shots on it from earlier in the day!


What are your future photography plans?

I’m going to take a break. I’m going to experience life without a camera every day, for a while, except my cell phone camera. I’ll still be on Flickr commenting on others. Eventually I will probably focus on one technique for a while when I pick up a camera again.



And check it out.. a peak at her entire 365!

Congrats to you again from all of us in the 365 Community!!!

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