Friday, 9 April 2010

Congrats to ( lindsey )!

Yay.. Congrats to Lindsey! He also finished up his project at the end of March. Woo hoo! Below is his photo from day 365!

365/365 - One Moment More

And in his own words...
"I think this is where I am expected to say something meaningful and slightly profound. I suspect I shall disappoint. I am none too pleased with my final shot. I have said that about a majority of my photographs this past year. However, I did accomplish the goals which I set for myself. I found a hobby which I love and allows me to express myself without limitations (other than those I impose upon myself). I have met some marvelous and fantastically talented people. I have learned so very much about the technical aspects of photography and realized that there is so very much more to learn – and I find that exciting. There were many days when I took a picture just because I refused to give up on the project. Most days, however, it was the highlight of the day – the only thing to which I looked forward. I thought I might take a short hiatus before beginning another 365 project, but the pull was too strong. I never missed a day. And so the adventure begins again...

My sincere gratitude to all of you who have offered praise, encouragement and constructive criticism on this journey. If not for the wonderful community of Flickr, especially t
he wonderful people of the 365 Community, I never would have made it past day seven."

A few of his favs from his project ....
341/365 - Lost in Thought022/365 - For Sale
183/365 - Barren

If you browse through his project, you will find a wild variety. Details and shots around his town, some inside his home, you will meet his cute kittie (Aramis), his converse shoes made a few appearances, and he also played around with self portraits. A few of which happen to be my favs.

I love how this one appears to be a candid shot. And you can also see Aramis!
353/365 - Print Media

And a great series. Different hats & expressions.
186/365 - Hats

and a link to the slideshow of his entire project. be sure to have a looksie.

Congrats again Lindsey and happy to hear that we will continue to see your work in the group this year! Yay.

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