Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Congrats to h3ather!

Woo hoo. A big round of applause to Heather who finished up her project at the end of March!!! Yay. Her final photo is shown below.

This Is The End

I really enjoyed reading what she wrote to summarize her thoughts on the 365, so I thought I would share an excerpt from it here ...

"Well, 365 days later and it's over. I am glad, though! For two reasons: I completed the project and the project is completed. While I may never do another 365 project, this past 365 project taught me a bunch of things. Thing one: must carry camera to take photo. Thing two: real lighting makes taking indoor photos easier. Thing three: Roscoe would rather commit suicide than have her photo taken. Thing four: Bismarck will do almost anything anyone asks. Thing five: It takes a lot of incentive to make my husband sit with a straight face. Thing six: I don't remember what thing six was supposed to be, but it was the most important one."

She also included some of her 365 stats.
Days Missed: 0
Self-Portraits: 40
Photos with Pugs: 32
Photos of Eric: 21
Photos in Florida: 10
Photos that included sugar: 41
Photos where I probably made a fool of myself in public: 18
Number of props purchased for the project: 39

Below we have featured 3 of her favorites.
Spare Parts*
Sock Monkey Rage

And two admin pics... kinda felt like Roscoe & Bismarck had to be feature here ;) But I have so many favs of Heather's .. it was really hard to choose! She had a wonderful array of photos in her project. Some great series too (the green cupcake, winter landscapes, her pups, msh submissions and more). But most fun, were her descriptions. A fabulous writing style and great sense of humor!

Hello, My Name is RoscoeData Pug

And of course a link to the slideshow of her entire project. Have a peak.. you won't be disappointed!

And a big thanks to Heather too for all her help with the group and the blog! Thank you.

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