Thursday, 18 March 2010

Congratulations Julie***!

Congratulations to Julie! She completed her 365 Project this week! Her photostream is a wonderful place to visit. Her photos are creatively composed and utilize inspired angles. Julie wrote a beautiful description about her experience with the project to accompany her final photo and she included these words:

I learned that an emotion is the hardest but most beautiful thing to portray in a picture. I learned that a boring subject can make an interesting picture, but that an interesting object can easily make a very boring picture.

After taking a look at her photostream, I'm sure you'll agree she accomplished this and more. She has a knack for finding wonderful ways to photograph everyday items. She also took many lovely emotional shots, including wonderful portraits of her son, who she says inspired her in so many ways.

Congratulations again to Julie! We are looking forward to seeing what she does next with her photography skills! Below are three of her favorite photos, her final photo of her project, and a slideshow of her complete 365 set. Enjoy!

Blond (21-10-2009) Ray of Light (26-12-2009)
Not looking back (10-01-2010) Zigzag (30-01-2010)
Zero (16-03-2010)

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